How Do You Make a Dresser Shabby Chic Using Paint?


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Apply two coats of chalk paint to create a dresser with a shabby chic look. Choose contrasting colors, and allow the first coat to dry before adding the second one. Once the second coat dries, sand the dresser in the wear areas to give the dresser a well-used look.

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Begin the process by protecting the area where you work with drop cloths. Remove any hardware from the furniture, and fill the holes if you plan to use something different. Sand the existing finish so the paint adheres to the wood, and then wipe away the dust. This technique works with solid wood and laminate furniture.

Apply the first coat of chalk paint using a quality brush. There is no need to smooth all the brush strokes, as they add to the shabby chic look. Once the first coat is dry, apply the second coat.

Create a distressed look by sanding some of the top coat so the second coat shows through. Sand the areas around the handles, along the edges of the top of the dresser and anywhere there would be natural wear. Wipe away the dust. If you are attaching new hardware to the dresser, drill the appropriate holes, and add handles.

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