How Do You Make Drawers?

How Do You Make Drawers?

To make drawers, cut dado joints into the bottoms of the drawer box sides, and then assemble the box with glue and dovetail grooves. You need 1/2-inch plywood for the sides and front and 1/4-inch plywood for the bottom.

  1. Determine the opening and drawer dimensions

    Use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of the drawer opening, and then measure the depth and length of the original drawer.

  2. Cut the drawer front

    Add 1/2 an inch to the dimensions of the opening, and use the new measurements to cut the drawer front.

  3. Cut the drawer box

    Cut the sides, back and front of the new drawer to the exact dimensions of the old drawer.

  4. Cut the bottom of the drawer

    Use the same dimensions to cut the bottom of the drawer but add 1/2 of an inch to each dimension.

  5. Set up the table saw

    Install a dado blade into the table saw to a thickness of 1/4 inch. Place one of the drawer sides against the fence, and adjust the fence so the blade cuts 1/4 of an inch away from the bottom of the drawer side.

  6. Cut a dado joint

    Equip your safety gear, and turn on the saw. Push the drawer side through the blade until the cut is complete.

  7. Cut the remaining dado joints

    Repeat the procedure to cut dado joints in the remaining three drawer pieces.

  8. Set up the dovetail jig

    Secure both side pieces to the top of the dovetail jig. Secure the back and front to the side of the jig at a 90 degree angle and a 1/2-inch offset from the top pieces.

  9. Cut dovetail grooves

    Install a dovetail bit into a router, and use the router to create dovetail grooves in the pieces.

  10. Apply glue to three pieces

    Apply glue to both rows of dovetail grooves on the back piece, and then apply glue to only one row on each of the side pieces.

  11. Assemble three pieces of the drawer

    Attach each row of grooves on the side pieces to one row on the back piece, and secure each joint with a rubber mallet.

  12. Finish the drawer box

    Slide the bottom into the dado joints, and then glue the front piece to the side pieces.

  13. Install the drawer front

    Paint, stain and varnish the drawer front, and then install it with screws.