How Do You Make a DIY Fly Trap?

Flies are a health risk. They are attracted to carrion and waste, where they deposit their eggs, and they also land on you and your food. Create a basic DIY fly trap to keep flies out of your home.

  1. Gather the materials

    You need an empty 2-liter plastic bottle without a cap, a sharp knife or razor blade, some string, a desk stapler and some sort of bait for the trap. A small piece of fruit works well as bait.

  2. Cut the plastic bottle

    Measure roughly two-thirds of the way up the side of the bottle from the bottom. The exact distance isn't important. Using the knife or razor blade, cut across the bottle and remove the top third. Try to make the cut smooth and straight.

  3. Add the bait

    Place the bait in the bottom portion of the plastic bottle. A small piece of fruit will work, but you could also use some fruit juice or sugary drink. Only a small amount is needed. A small amount of water is often added, but it is not absolutely necessary.

  4. Complete the trap

    Turn the top portion of the bottle upside down, so that the mouth of the bottle is down and the cut portion is up. It should look like a funnel. Insert the inverted top portion down into the bottom portion of the bottle until the cut edges line up. It should look roughly like a funnel positioned inside the cut bottle, and it shouldn't go all the way to the bottom. Staple the edges together, then staple a piece of string to opposite sides of the trap to make a hanging strap.

  5. Trap the flies

    Flies are attracted to the smell of the bait, and they will go down into the trap to get to it. When they try to leave, however, they aren't smart enough to fly straight up through the mouth of the inverted top piece. They instinctively try to escape through the highest part of the enclosure, which is the sides of the bottle that you have stapled together. A few lucky flies may escape, but the majority end up trapped in the bottle. If