How Do You Make a Desk Blotter?


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First, measure the top of your desk and decide how large and thick you would like the blotter to be. Next, choose your materials. One option is starting with a pre-made desk pad and decorating it. It is also possible to build a desk blotter from the ground up with common items found around the house.

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Both projects share the need for a few simple materials, such as cardboard, craft glue, decorative papers, paint, fabric and ribbon. You may also want to buy some foam core board or thin sheets of wood to give the blotter rigidity. For tools you will need spray mount or hot glue, scissors, a craft knife, paint cans or other heavy objects to use as weights during drying, an iron (if you?re using fabric) and double-sided tape. Start by cutting the base of your blotter to the size you measured earlier. Then, apply its covering. Let the covering dry in place, and then decorate according to your design.

How quickly your desk blotter comes together depends on your design. You can make and use some styles of blotters in about 5 minutes. Some take longer because the glue on your decorations needs time to dry.

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