How Do You Make a Deer Feeder Out of PVC Pipe?

How Do You Make a Deer Feeder Out of PVC Pipe?

To make a deer feeder out of PVC pipe you need a 2-inch or less diameter PVC pipe, two PVC caps with same diameters as the PVC pipe, a hacksaw, a metal wire, PVC glue, marker, horse feed and a tree. You need a few minutes to complete this project.

Get a PVC pipe of your desired length and glue the cap to one end using the PVC glue. This forms the bottom of the feeder.

Put a mark at the spot that should be the bottom of the opening letting food to fall out. It should be about 1 inch from the glued cap. Draw a wedge shape, and use the hacksaw to cut through the shape. Removing the resultant piece leaves an opening.

Put the feeder on the tree, and wrap the wire around the tree and around the feeder to prevent it from falling.

Put the horse feed into the feeder through the top of the pipe. Put your feed in the feeder before placing the second cap on top of it. Do not glue this cap because you need to refill the feeder later.

You can use this feeder for other animals such as geese, ducks, raccoons and chickens.