How Do You Make a Deck With Pergola?


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A pergola can be constructed of materials such as weather-treated wood, vinyl, fiberglass or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). Building a deck with a pergola cover is a moderately difficult project that includes measuring, cutting, drilling and installing post and beams together using the existing deck or patio as a sizing guide. It can be freestanding or attached to the home, depending on the preference and layout of the deck.

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In order to build a pergola to cover an outdoor deck:

  1. Build the pergola frame
  2. Using the home's roof and the deck as a guide to the desired pergola's size, mark two vertical lines from the roof's soffits to the decking in order to determine the correct height. Cut three two-by-eight beams for the first roof layer and notch them with a jigsaw to support four of the remaining six beams. The other two beams will butt against the first layer. Level the ledger and pre-drill holes into the ledger and fascia board. Screw into the side of the house with lag screws.

  3. Install posts and beams
  4. At each corner of the deck, install post brackets and insert the posts, attaching the posts into the bracket with galvanized nails. Make certain the posts are level and brace with temporary vertical posts. Screw the first layer ends of the beams onto the post at the correct elevation with stainless steel screws. Notch six of the beams eight times and cut a decorative curve into the end that will overhang the deck. Cut the final layer of beams, curving both of the ends, and fit into the notches of the second layer. Seat the notches by tapping together with a mallet.

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