How Do You Make Custom Window Decals Stick Better?


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Having thoroughly cleaned and dried the specified window area, gently rub the design under the transfer paper to ensure the window decal is ready to transfer. While removing the wax backing from the decal, use a plastic card to secure the sticker from top to bottom until design is transferred.

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While many decal manufacturers include specific instructions on how to affix their products to a window or surface, there are general rules that will ensure a clean application of a decal or sticker.

The key to a proper attachment lies in preparation. The surface to which the sticker will be applied should be free of water and debris and range from 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You might also need a level to ensure proper placement or a knife to remove extra adhesive from the design. An additional adhesive might need to be applied beforehand to ensure a proper seal.

Any air between the sticker and the surface will result in a poor seal and accelerate wear and tear on the design. Prevent bubbles in the final product by simultaneously smoothing the decal onto the surface with a plastic card or similar tool while peeling the backing from the decal. The last step is to carefully peel the transfer tape at a 180 degree angle from the design.

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