How Do You Make Custom Safety Signs?

Create a custom safety sign by using an online sign-making template from a custom signage company. Companies that provide safety sign templates include Accuform Signs, and Select a specific sign template, and follow instructions to fully customize the sign. After the customization step is complete, follow the company's purchasing steps to complete the order.

Custom safety sign templates include standard headers with words such as "Danger," "Beware" and "Caution" at the top. Accuform Signs has a template option for a customized header. Another template eliminates the header and uses straight body text. Safety signs mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration commonly include attention-grabbing headers and clearly written text. provide numerous OSHA safety sign templates with ready-made headers.

Safety sign customization options include sign height, width and material, depending on the company. Text options include font and color choices, such as red or black text on a white or yellow background. Some templates include image choices to add visual context to words of warning. Some templates allow customers to upload images to include on the sign. A typical custom safety sign template includes a preview tool that allows customers to see their work in progress before purchasing.