How Do You Make Custom Pinstriping Decals?


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To make custom pinstriping decals, create the design, draw it to scale on a piece of cheap paper, hold the drawing against the surface where you are going to apply it, and note if you need to make any adjustments to the final design. Put the drawing on the back side of a sheet of contact paper, trace it using a felt tip marker, and cut the decal out of the sheet.

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Alternatively, make the decal using computer software. Scan the image you want to use as a decal, draw it yourself using graphic design programs, or find an image that can be used without violating the owner's copyrights online. Try to use an image with the highest quality possible, especially if you are going to make a large decal. Adjust colors, size and general appearance of the image, and print it out on a piece of white vinyl paper. Pay attention to how you place the paper, as you can only print on one side of vinyl paper.

If you need to make several small decals, place them side by side in an image, and print them out on the same sheet to save paper. Make sure that the images don't overlap. You may also want to print the decal out on regular paper to see if it looks as good on it as it did on the screen. Use a laminator to laminate the decal printed on vinyl paper, and cut out the decal.

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