How Do You Make Custom Mirrors?

How Do You Make Custom Mirrors? presents a list of 30 DIY custom mirror projects from various websites, including one made from plastic spoons from The spoons, arranged in an overlapping circular pattern, were painted a deep blue that faded as it neared the outer edges of the mirror frame.

An inexpensive way to build a round custom mirror is mounting it on a tart mold without the bottom. Design Share explains how covering the hole in the pan with cardboard secured with hot glue creates a surface to securely attach the mirror. The end result is very similar to a sunburst mirror and adding a ribbon to the back allows to hang it on any wall.

Thrifty and Chic present a mirror frame fashioned from 1/2" discs of cut PVC pipe, but without the right equipment, it's best to have the pipes cut professionally. Gluing the discs together and arranging them in patterns creates unique frames for mirrors of all sizes. Painting the PVC discs before mounting them creates a different effect. takes a doily and attaches it securely to a round mirror with double-sided tape, taking care not to cover any of the doily's openings. Spraying the mirror with frosted glass spray paint finishes the project. After removing the doily, the effect looks like lace.