How Do You Make Custom Metal Welcome Signs?


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To make a custom metal sign, begin by tracing the size and shape of the sign on a piece of cardboard. Cut the cardboard and use it as a template to mark a metal sheet. Using tin snips and protective gloves, cut the metal sheet along the outline.

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Use the cardboard to sketch the letters or design for the welcome sign. For precise lettering or a particular font type, trace them using stencils. Measure the spaces between the letters to ensure accuracy before applying them to the metal. Cut out the letters and any design and trace the pattern onto the metal using permanent marker.

Use outdoor spray paint to color the metal. Pick the first color needed and use painter's tape to mark off the intended section; cover the remaining areas. Paint the section with quick, light passes multiple times until the section is the desired color depth. Allow the paint to dry completely to avoid bleeding or peeling after removing the tape. Repeat with all the remaining colors and sections.

Punch a hole into each corner of the sign to mount the sign to a wall with screws or nails. Another option is to punch two holes into the top corners and tie braided string or rope into the holes to hang the sign. Yet another option is to mount the sign onto a wooden post and insert the post into the ground.

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