How Do You Make Crackle Paint Using Elmer's Glue?


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To crackle paint using school glue, prepare the surface, and paint the glue onto it. Apply acrylic latex paint to the wet glue. Allow the paint and glue to dry or dry the layers with a hair dryer to achieve a crackled finish. To use wood glue to make crackle paint, follow the same method as with school glue. To achieve a crackled appearance, paint over the surface only once. Apply clear sealant to the finished surface.

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To prepare the surface, sand the item lightly, and remove the dust with a cloth or vacuum. Paint the surface with the chosen base color, allow the paint to dry, and add a second coat of paint. After the second base coat of paint dries, apply the glue to the surface.

When applying the glue and paint to an item, such as a wooden chair or a wooden desk, prevent runs in the finish by applying the glue and paint to horizontal surfaces first. Allow the layers to dry before turning the item. After turning the item, paint the next horizontal surface. Continue painting all sides of the item.

To protect the finish, apply four coats of clear sealant to the surfaces after the paint dries. Allow the sealant to dry between coats.

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