How Do You Make Cordless Roman Shades?


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Make Roman shades using fabric, hook-and-loop tape and closing rings. Attach a batten board to the top of the window with the hook side of the tape on the front. Use the loop tape to join the shade to the board.

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For proper hanging, cut the fabric 6 1/2 inches wider than the window and 6 inches longer than the measurement from the tape on the batten board to the bottom of the window. Use a sewing machine to hem the curtain with a 1/4-inch seam allowance on all sides.

Sew the loop tape over the hem on the back of the top of the shade. Divide the width of the fabric into four equal measurements, and draw three vertical lines using tailor’s chalk to divide it into the four sections. Begin at the bottom of the shade and place an "X" every 8 inches along the vertical lines. Sew a curtain ring at each mark and a closing ring at the bottom of each vertical line. Wash the shade to remove the tailor’s chalk, and iron it.

Hang the shade by attaching the hook section of the tape to the loop section. Lift the shade to attach the closing hook to the appropriate curtain ring.

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