How Do You Make a Compost Pile?

To make compost, layer dead leaves and grass clippings into a pile. After the compost is established with green and brown matter, begin adding kitchen scraps to the pile, and turn the pile regularly. The compost is typically ready to use within two to four months.

  1. Choose a location

    Place compost piles in a shady area that offers some protection from the elements, such as under a large tree. Avoid areas that are too warm or are exposed to high winds and direct sunlight.

  2. Add leaves and grass clippings

    Begin the compost pile with a 4-inch pile of dead leaves, then add a 2-inch layer of green grass clippings to the pile. Alternate leaves and grass until the pile is at least 4 feet high. To promote fast decay, shred or break down items place in the compost.

  3. Add kitchen scraps

    Add egg shells, fruit and vegetable peelings and coffee grounds to the compost pile after it reaches 4 feet in height. If possible, break the kitchen scraps down in a blender before composting them.

  4. Turn the compost pile

    Add water to the pile if necessary, and use a pitchfork to mix and turn the compost pile every three days until it is ready to use.