How Do You Make a Compost Bin?

How Do You Make a Compost Bin?

Make a simple compost bin using an 18-gallon storage bin by drilling holes in the lid, sides and bottom of the bin, finding a convenient location for the bin, and filling it with a mix of brown and green materials. Turn the compost daily by shaking the bin.

  1. Purchase the bin

    Select a plastic storage container that holds a minimum of 18 gallons. Bins are available in many colors, so choose one that best matches your designated location.

  2. Drill holes in the bin

    Use an electric drill and drill bit to drill holes at 1- to 2-inch intervals. While the size of the holes does not matter, if they are so large the material falls out of the holes, you must line the bin with hardware cloth to prevent loss of compost.

  3. Find a location

    The storage tote bin is small enough to place on a balcony or patio without interfering with other use. Locate the bin near the kitchen door for composting kitchen scraps or near the garden for spent plants and grass clippings.

  4. Fill the bin with brown and green materials

    Brown materials include leaves and newspaper. Green materials are grass clippings and most kitchen scraps. If the compost is too wet or becomes smelly, add more dry leaves or newspaper.

  5. Shake the bin

    Keep the compost mixed by shaking the bin at least once per day.