How Do You Make a Companion Planting List?

How Do You Make a Companion Planting List?

Pick your companion plants based on the types of fruits, vegetables, herbs and decorative plants you wish to grow in your garden. Companion plants perform many beneficial tasks, such as repelling insects and harmful animals, attracting birds and useful insects and enhancing the flavors of food plants.

  1. Decide what you want to grow

    Choose what plants you want to grow as your main garden. These primary plants help determine what companion plants grow alongside them for the best possible garden.

  2. Consult with the experts

    Contact your local nursery, master gardeners and online experts for lists of viable companion plants for your garden. Experienced gardeners provide the best tips for growing plants alongside your main crops. Talk to the people who have done this before to guide your gardening experience.

  3. List the companion plants you want

    Compose your basic list from several online websites such as Golden Harvest Organics, Mother Earth News and These lists show the main plants in a garden, followed by the companion plants that enhance the growth of your main crops.

  4. Maintain the companion list and keep a journal

    Maintain the companion list on a computerized database or spreadsheet so that you can easily alter the list if necessary. Keep a gardening journal to record your observations, waterings, feedings, plantings, weather conditions and other vital information you need to know moving forward with your garden.