How Do You Make Coffee Table Coasters?


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Unfinished tiles, copies of photos or Scrabble pieces can all be used to make coffee table coasters. These materials are used to create coasters that are completely original and ideal for use during home gatherings with family and friends.

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To make the tile coasters, tiles without coating can be purchased from a local home goods store. The tiles should be microwaved for about a minute, as this makes it easier for the image to adhere to the tile. The copy of the photo is placed on the tile, and nail polish remover that contains acetone is applied to the back of the image so that the color from the photo will seep onto the tile. Images of fond family memories, such as everyone gathered around the table for Christmas dinner or an image of a baby eating his first meal in a high chair, are ideal pictures to use as tile coasters.

Scrabble pieces can also be used to make coasters. Using 16 pieces, arrange them in a square shape that is 4 tiles high by 4 tiles wide, to create the coasters. The Scrabble pieces can spell words with 4 letters like "food" or "love," and should be sealed together with a hot glue gun.

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