How Do You Make the Best Coffee in a Bunn Coffeemaker?


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To make the best coffee in a Bunn coffeemaker, clean the equipment thoroughly, use only soft water and use proper paper filters for complete extraction. Always use the appropriate amount of coffee grounds for each pot of coffee.

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To enjoy flavorful coffee, always start with a clean equipment. Clean the coffee decanter with mild soap, vinegar or cleaner and water. Rinse the decanter thoroughly so that the odors do not linger.

Cleaning is important as unclean coffee brewers accumulate a film of oils and minerals that lengthen the brewing cycle, lower the water temperature before it comes in contact with the coffee grounds and increases the contact time between coffee grounds and water. This leads to over-extraction, which makes the coffee more intensely flavored and sometimes bitter. For optimal taste, brew with fresh water, preferably with a low-chlorine and mineral content. This prevents over-extraction and degradation of the coffee flavor.

Use only freshly ground coffee. Add 2 to 4 ounces for each 50-ounce pot of coffee. Filter using genuine Bunn paper filters for thorough extraction. To enjoy the freshest flavor, do not keep brewed coffee for more than an hour. Also, adjust the decanter setting on the warmer to keep the brew warm.

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