How Do You Make a Clothesline?


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To make a clothesline, first determine a spot where the line is to go, and dig two post holes 2 feet deep and 4 feet apart with a post hole digger. Insert 4-by-4 inch boards into the hole, and backfill the hole with dirt. Determine a length for the clothesline, and dig two more post holes that distance away from the first two.

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Cut an 8-foot, pressure-treated, 2-by-4-inch board into two 4-foot pieces. Mark the boards for eye hooks using a pencil at 2 inches from the end of the 4-inch side and 2 inches from the top of the boards. On each board, make another set of marks at 14 inches inside the first eye hook, and again at 14 inches inside the second eye hook. Use a drill bit that fits the eye hooks, which are likely at least 1/4-by-2 inches, and drill holes at each mark. Insert the eye hooks and screw them in facing the same direction.

Align one 4-foot board with the posts on one side, facing the eye hooks to the opposite end of the line. Screw it into place using three screws for each post. Repeat on the opposite side. Run rope through one hook, tying the outside with a good knot, and thread it through the eye hook in the same place on the opposite side. Repeat until the rope is passed through each eye hook, from one side to another, tying off the end with a good knot.

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