How Do You Make a Cleaning Schedule?

How Do You Make a Cleaning Schedule?

An effective cleaning schedule is an important tool for maintaining a healthy, tidy, well-organized home. Planning ahead for larger chores will ensure that they get done. You need your calendar, knowledge of the cleaning requirements of your home and 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. List your tasks

    Assess the needs of your household. Determine what needs to happen, and when. Make a list of chores, and divide them into categories: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal and special. List the time it takes for each task and how often it needs to be done. Omit things done every day, like making the bed and cleaning up after cooking.

  2. Schedule your cleaning

    Manage your time wisely. Tackle small tasks before they get big, and post larger tasks just before they are needed, instead of when they are already necessary. Aim for a consistent routine that you can stick to, but one flexible enough to allow for occasional conflicts. Fill your calendar, starting with weekly tasks, then bi-weekly and so on. Break up large tasks into multiple sessions to ensure completion.

  3. Plan for special occasion cleaning

    Schedule silverware polishing, stemware cleaning and closet organizing, done to prepare your home for guests, a few days before you host gatherings.