How Do You Make a Circuit Board?

How Do You Make a Circuit Board?

A simple circuit board is made by using metal fasteners on a cardboard and connecting each at the back with wires, and eventually, completing the circuit using a battery and holiday lights. The process can take a couple of hours to complete.

  1. Prepare the wires

    Cut off a section of holiday lights. Leave 6 inches of wire at the two ends of the section. Strip the ends off the outermost part by a 1/2 inch on both ends. Cut the insulated wire into 7 12-inch sections. Strip the ends off each section.

  2. Create the base

    Cut a big rectangle from the cardboard. On the rectangle, draw two parallel lines, starting 1 inch from the top. Mark six evenly spaced dots on both lines with a minimum gap of 1 inch between each.

  3. Arrange the metal on the base

    Poke a metal fastener or a small nail through each dot on the base. Make sure each nail or fastener is securely in place.

  4. Connect the metal fasteners

    Turn the base over, and connect one metal fastener on the left column to one on the right by twisting the stripped ends of the insulated wire around the ends of the fasteners. Each fastener must have a unique partner on the opposing column.

  5. Attach the wires to the battery

    Twist one end of the remaining wire around one prong, taping it in place. Then, twist the other end around a paper clip. Do the same with the holiday light.

  6. Test the circuit board

    Press one of the paper clips against a metal dot on the left column and the other paper clip against a metal dot on the right. The light turns on when the correct combination is pressed.