How Do You Make a Cider Press?


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Making a cider press is an intermediate woodworking project that includes measuring and cutting the wood in order to make the frame, barrel and tray, which all fit on the frame. When making a cider press, use new, clean, food-grade materials and spray with a highly diluted solution of iodine and let dry before the first use and each use thereafter to sanitize.

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How Do You Make a Cider Press?
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In order to make a cider press, follow the steps below.

  1. Gather the materials and tools needed
  2. Red and white oak wood, stainless steel nails, giant screws from a bench vice, carriage bolts, aluminum stripping, a jointer and drill are needed to make the frame and base. Once the cider press is built, a five-gallon bucket and netting are needed to collect the cider.

  3. Create the cider press
  4. Decide on the measurements desired for the frame, tray and press. Cut the wood for the base, barrel and frame to fit, running it through a jointer to smooth the pieces. The barrel is designed using the aluminum stripping as a barrel hoop attaching the oak pieces. The frame is a square open box shape, cut high enough to accommodate the juice-collecting vessel underneath the press tray.

  5. Assemble the press
  6. The press is controlled by the bench vice screw. Screw it into the top of the frame positioned over the barrel, which is on top of the tray and base. Put ground apple pomace into the barrel, positioning a flat board over the pomace; repeat until it is four layers. Spin the screw until it hits the board, using a small piece of oak to protect the pressing board and distribute the pressure. Once the juice begins to flow, tighten the screw every 15 minutes until all the juice has been extracted.

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