How Do You Make a Chevron Quilt?

How Do You Make a Chevron Quilt?

To create a chevron quilt, begin by pairing each background square with a solid square, then cut the squares into triangles that you sew into V-shaped blocks. Lay out the blocks to form rows that you join to form the quilt top. Finish by basting, binding and quilting as desired.

To get started, mark a diagonal line on the back of every background square to make 84 squares. Pair every background square with a solid colored square, sewing 1/4-inch seams on any side of the line to make 84 sewn pairs.

Cut all the pairs on the diagonal line before pressing open the seams to form 168 pieced half-squared triangle pieces. You may trim the squares to the same size.

Sew 84 solid pairs that point left and another 84 that point right. To attain this, join like pairs of half-square triangles together to form either sides of a V-shaped block. To complete the block, join the pairs together and repeat the process to have 42 V-shaped blocks.

On a large flat surface, lay out the blocks in an arrangement that forms a grid of seven blocks down and six blocks across before joining block pairs to complete every row. To complete the quilt top, join the rows together, while alternating the pressing direction of every row. For a flatter quilt, press the seams open.

Finish off by basting, quilting and binding the quilt using the desired quilting technique.