How Do You Make a Cheap Slipcover for a Recliner?

To make an inexpensive slipcover for a recliner, cover the recliner with a king size bed sheet that matches your decor, secure the sheet, gather and pin it in position, and sew the gathers with a ribbon color that complements the bed sheet. The sheet should be made of a stretchy material, such as a jersey-knit, cotton-Lycra or cotton-Spandex blend. Factor in the mechanical function of the chair when attaching the cover.

Place the sheet over the recliner lengthwise reaching from the floor in front of the foot rest over the back with all of the excess behind the chair. Pull the excess off of the floor on all sides and pile it in the seat. Tuck the excess into the crevices around the seat neatly and even. Insert a soft round material such as rolled up magazines or sections of foam swimming pool noodles deep into the crevices to hold the sheet in place. Gather the draped material on all four corners, keeping the floor edge level, and fold it accordion-style, tucking the gathered material underneath the chair's arms and safety pinning it at each corner.

Thread a 2-foot length of 1-inch wide ribbon through the extra large eye of a yarn needle, and tie the end. Insert the need through one of the corner gathers, and pull the length of ribbon half-way through. Cut the ribbon free from the needle, and tie it in a neat bow to secure the gather. Trim off any excess ribbon, and remove the safety pin. Repeat the process for all four corners.