How Do You Make a Cheap Room Divider?

To make a cheap multifunctional room divider, cut out three pieces of MDF board and decorate them with chalkboard paint and fabric. Attach the boards to one another with door hinges.

Run through the following steps to make a cheap and useful room divider. This project was originally published on and is easy to make.

  1. Cut the boards
  2. Cut an MDF board to the desired screen height. Divide the board into three pieces.

  3. Paint the board
  4. Paint one or both sides of the boards. To use the divider as a chalkboard, paint the surface with chalkboard paint.

  5. Cover the board
  6. To upholster one or both sides of the board, cut out pieces of quilt batting to fit each board and attach it to the boards using spray adhesive. Cut out fabric pieces that are slightly larger than the panels and attach each fabric piece to the sides of the panels using a staple gun. Use a glue gun to apply ribbon along the edges of the panels.

  7. Join the boards
  8. To join the boards, attach two door hinges in between each panel. Punch holes through the ribbon and fabric and use a drill to drill holes through the board. Secure the hinges with screws.

Other cheap room divider ideas include hanging old records from the ceiling, using shelving units to separate spaces and making dividers out of old doors or windows.