How Do You Make Cattle Panel Fencing?


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Make cattle panel fencing by attaching panels to a post at each end. Continue adding more posts and panels to enclose the area. The time necessary to complete the project depends on the length of the fence. In addition to the fence materials, you need gloves to wear while assembling the fence.

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  1. Put on work gloves

    The materials are sharp. Protect your hands with gloves when working with fencing.

  2. Install the posts

    Choose either wooden posts or metal T-posts. Install posts to center them at the end of each panel. The heavy wire of these panels only requires one post at each end, which means that they go up quickly. If using wooden posts, set them in concrete, and then allow at least 24 hours for the concrete to cure before attaching the panels.

  3. Attach a panel

    Beginning at one end of the panel, use the appropriate fastener to attach the panel to the post. Use fencing staples for wooden posts or T-post connectors for metal posts. Leave approximately 2 inches of clearance at the bottom of the panel to prevent grass accumulation that leads to deterioration of the bottom wire. Then, attach the second end of the panel.

  4. Complete the fence

    Continue adding posts and panels to complete the project. Add gates where necessary to allow access into the enclosure.

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