How Do You Make a Carpenter Bee Trap?


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Carpenter bees create holes in houses, decks and patio furniture. To build a carpenter bee trap, gather a water bottle, a plastic jar with a screw-on lid, scrap wood, a staple gun, a drill and drill bit, a circular saw, wood screws, and a hammer and nails. Build a wooden box, and create a lid with a funnel entry using the water bottle. Screw the lidded jar over the funnel, and hang near the bee infestation. This task can be finished in an afternoon.

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How Do You Make a Carpenter Bee Trap?
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  1. Create a box

    Cur four pieces of wood about 10 inches long, and screw them together to create a box. Nail a piece of plywood to the top of the box so that it overhangs on all four sides. Keep equal edges on all sides.

  2. Cut the water bottle

    Cut the plastic water bottle into two pieces with a saw or scissors. Make the cut about one-third of the way down the bottle.

  3. Drill a hole

    Drill a hole at the top of a new piece of wood to make a lid. Cut the board so that it evenly fits over the box. Place the screw-on portion of the water bottle halfway through the hole. Mark a ring around the backside of the bottle where it touches the board. Cut flanges into the bottle, and staple them to the board to secure the bottle. Hammer the staples down to keep them flush.

  4. Attach the funnel lid

    Place the bottle board onto the box, and nail it down with the screw-on-cap side of the bottle exposed. Cut a hole into the screw-on lid of the plastic jar, and place the lid upside down over the bottle neck. Screw the lid onto the box. Screw the jar tightly onto the plastic lid.

  5. Drill holes into box

    Drill 1/2-inch holes into all four sides of the box, slanting toward the top of the box. Screw a hook into the roof of the box, and hang where there is a carpenter bee problem.

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