How Do You Make Cardboard Wall Letters?

How Do You Make Cardboard Wall Letters?

Make cardboard wall letters using cardboard, masking tape, newspaper, hot glue, glue paste and decorative paper. These three-dimensional letters are inexpensive and can make a nice statement wherever they are used.

  1. Print out letter templates
  2. Download and print out large letter templates for the desired word to use, such as from Another option is to blow up letters in a word processing program and print these out. Cut out the letter templates and tape them to the cardboard.

  3. Cut out the cardboard letters
  4. Cut out two copies of each letter. Cut out several narrow strips of cardboard that are about three inches long. Give the cardboard letters depth by using several narrow cardboard strips to create a kind of skeletal bridge between each of the two copies. The hot glue is a strong adhesive for this purpose.

  5. Wrap the letters
  6. Wrap the cardboard letters completely with masking tape to create a fully enclosed shape. Overlap the pieces of masking tape so that they form a stronger wall on the open sides of the letters. Wrap the letters again with strips of paper mache newspaper. A mix of flour and water may be used for the paste. Allow the newspaper to dry completely.

  7. Finish with decorative paper
  8. Paper mache the outsides of the three-dimensional letters with decorative paper and the same paste. Another option is to use strips of wallpaper.