How Do You Make a Butterfly Garden?


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Make a butterfly garden by choosing a sunny location, planning for each stage of the butterfly's life and providing a water source. When planning the garden, do not be afraid to add some plants you love, even though they do not have a reputation for attracting butterflies.

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  1. Choose a sunny location

    Like all other insects, butterflies are cold blooded. They depend on the environment to provide their body heat and frequent sunnier locations rather than shady ones. The sunny location also encourages many of the plants that attract butterflies to grow.

  2. Plan for each stage of the life cycle of the butterfly

    Successful butterfly gardens cater to the desires of adult female butterflies for a place to lay their eggs, provide food for the hungry caterpillar, give space for the caterpillar to hang its chrysalis and have flowers that give the adult butterflies the nectar they need to survive. If the damage done to plants by grazing caterpillars bothers you, plant the varieties they prefer to eat in an out-of-the-way location in another part of the yard.

  3. Provide a water source

    In nature, caterpillars drink mineral-enhanced water from the muddy edges of creeks. They do not drink from deep water in birdbaths. Provide a drinking area for butterflies by pouring some sand in a saucer and adding water. Keep the sand moist with a thin layer of water on top.

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