How Do I Make a Brick Floor Shiny?

Make a brick floor shine like new by polishing and waxing it. For this project, you need polish or wax, sealant, a vacuum or broom, a dry mop, ammonia, water and a foam brush. This project takes a couple of days depending on the drying time.

  1. Choose a polish

    Choose between a solvent-based polish or a water-based polish. A solvent-based polish adds both shine and a protective layer to your floor. A water-based polish adds invisible protection to your floor, but you have to strip off any prior polish and wax before applying it.

  2. Strip the previous wax

    Strip the previous wax job from the floor. Mix together 1/4 cup of ammonia and 8 cups of water. Apply it to the floor with a dry mop.

  3. Apply the polish

    Polish the brick floor by following the manufacturer's instructions on the polish label. Make sure that the floor is clean and dry before applying the polish. Use a buffing machine on the floor if necessary.

  4. Add sealant

    After the polish dries, add sealant. Spread commercial grade brick sealant over the bricks and the grout using a foam brush. Sprinkle water on the bricks to test the sealant. If the water droplets don't bead on the bricks, apply another layer. Reapply the sealant every year.