How Do You Make Box-Pleated Drapes?


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To make box-pleated drapes, mount a rod on the window frame. Measure the length of the drape from the top of the rod to the desired length, and add 6 inches for the top and bottom hem allowances. Let the finished width of the drape be one and one-half times the length of the rod, and to this measurement add 2 inches for hem allowances.

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Lay the fabric on a large flat surface, and use a yardstick to draw straight cutting lines. Use sharp scissors to cut each panel along the measured lines. Turn the side hems under 1 inch, and press flat. Make an additional 1-inch fold, pin, and stitch.

To create bottom hems, fold 3 inches along the bottom edge, press, pin, and stitch. For the top hem, make a 1/2-inch fold and then fold another 5 1/2 inches, stitch, and press flat. Position the first pleat about 3 1/2 inches from the outer edge of the drape and the second pleat at the same distance. The third pleat is positioned in the center of pleats one and two, while the fourth pleat is placed between the first and middle pleats. The fifth pleat should be positioned between the middle and the end.

To create the pleats, first measure 3 inches on the sides of the center marks. Join the side marks to the center, and machine stitch accordingly. Sew across the pleated panel to create a rod sleeve.

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