How Do You Make a Box Joint Jig?


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Woodworkers can create a reusable box joint jig out of plywood, a few wood screws and woodworking glue using a table saw. This jig is used to make a box joint, which holds two pieces of wood together and is used in furniture.

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Begin with a piece of 1/2-inch by 1/2-inch stock at least 4 inches long and a piece of plywood cut to 5 1/2 inches by 10 inches. Install a stacked dado blade set in the table saw, and place enough chippers between the blades to match the desired width of the box joint fingers. Attach the board to the table saw's miter gauge, and slip the gauge into the left miter slot perpendicular to the blade. Reposition the board against the miter gauge so that it extends at least 1/2 inch past the dado blade.

Use a drill to insert two wood screws through the slots on the miter gauge and into the wood. Use the table saw to cut a finger-sized notch into the board. Insert the spacer block through the notch until it is 2 inches past the face of the backer board, and make a cut line on the spacer block against the back of the backer board. Cut the spacer, and keep both halves. Remove the miter gauge, and invert it.

Place a bit of glue in the notch, and put the spacer block in the notch. Pre-drill and countersink a screw to attach the spacer block to the backer board. Remove the screws from the miter gauge, and adjust the box joint jig to the desired width.

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