How Do You Make Bows for Wreaths?


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One way to make bows for wreaths is to use a ribbon and a wire. An individual should first obtain a ribbon that suits his wreath. Aside from the ribbon and wire, tools such as scissors and a ruler are handy in this project.

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How Do You Make Bows for Wreaths?
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To make a bow with a ribbon and wire, an individual starts by measuring 3 inches of the wire with a ruler and cutting the wire to the measurement. Using scissors, he cuts a 2.7-meter long ribbon, which is the typical measurement for an average bow size. To make the bow's tail, he measures and marks 0.3 meters on the cut ribbon from one of the ends, and pinches it together at the mark midwise.

Next, he loops the ribbon from the pinched area, pinches the ribbon again to secure the loop, and repeats the process for subsequent loops. The loops should be similar in size. For a full bow, the loops should be six. The looped ribbon should have a tail on both ends, possibly one tail longer than the other.

Once an individual makes enough loops, he wraps the bow's center, which is the meeting point of the loops, with the 3-inch wire. He ties the wire at the bow's back, and covers the wire by wrapping the bow's center with the longer tail. Notching the tails by folding them in half midwise and making a diagonal cut between the fold and the edge of the bow completes this project.

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