How Do You Make a Bottle Cap Table?


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To make a bottle cap table, glue bottle caps to the top of a table in a pattern. Add thin layers of resin, smoothing each layer until the covering reaches your desired thickness.

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  1. Prepare the table

    Buy a small table. Sand the top of the table to remove any rough spots. Cover the sides of the table with painter's tape to prevent the finish from getting damaged.

  2. Create a bottle cap design

    Lay bottle caps on the table to create a design. Place each cap with the printed side facing up, and adjust the caps into an appealing design. Glue each bottle cap into place with a heavy-duty glue. Apply ample glue around the sides and rim of each cap, and allow the glue to dry completely.

  3. Create a barrier

    Unroll a piece of aluminum foil that is long enough to reach around the perimeter of the table. Fold it in half lengthwise. Wrap the foil tightly around the table edge, allowing it to rise 2 inches above the rim, and tape the foil in place.

  4. Cover the bottle caps

    Buy resin, and mix it according to the directions on the box. Pour a thin layer of resin into the cracks between your bottle caps, allowing it to rise no higher than the tops of the caps. Use a sturdy art squeegee to smooth the surface as you go. Allow the layer to dry completely, and repeat with thin layers until the top of the table reaches the desired thickness.

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