How Do You Make a Bird Bath?


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To make a birdbath, balance a shallow basin on three rods driven into the soil, add water to the basin and place stones inside the basin. The stones provide a perch for the birds.

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  1. Assemble the supplies

    Find or purchase three sturdy rods approximately one inch in diameter, such as doweling, old broom handles with flat sides or metal electrical conduit. Cut the rods to about 3 feet in length. Find a basin that has sloping sides, is shallow in depth and has a textured bottom.

  2. Clean and paint the rods and basin

    If necessary, clean the rods and the basin, and rinse them completely. Paint them with weatherproof paint. Allow everything to dry thoroughly.

  3. Pound the rods into the soil

    Using a heavy mallet, pound the rods into the ground in a triangle shape that is small enough to fit under the basin. Sink the rods deep enough so that they do not move at all, but leave enough above ground to hold the basin.

  4. Balance the basin on the rods

    Place the basin on the three rods, and test it for stability. If necessary, adjust the height and placement of the rods until the basin sits securely.

  5. Add water to the basin

    Add some water to the basin. Adjust the rods again, if necessary.

  6. Add small stones to the basin

    Add two or three small stones to the basin to act as perches for the birds and to add more weight to the basin for increased stability.

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