How Do You Make a Bee Trap?


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To make a bee trap, make a basic box from wood and then drill entrance holes into the sides of the box. Drill holes in the box for the bees to enter, and attach a plastic bottle to the bottom of the trap to capture the bees.

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How Do You Make a Bee Trap?
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  1. Cut the wood into pieces

    Choose a board that is about 4 inches wide and 5 feet long, and cut the board into four 8-inch pieces, two 7-inch pieces and one 6-inch piece.

  2. Nail the boards together to form a square trap

    Nail the 8-inch pieces together by fitting the boards into a square, then nailing where each board meets at the corner. Nail the 6-inch piece of wood onto one end of the boards to make the bottom, then center the 7-inch boards in the middle of the trap to form the roof.

  3. Drill holes in the of the trap

    Drill several holes upward at a 45-degree angle into the sides of the box to allow the bees to enter the trap, and then drill a hole that is slightly smaller than the lid of the plastic bottle into the bottom of the trap. Hammer the lid into the hole, and screw the bottle into the lid to trap the bees.

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