How Do You Make a Bed the Way Hotels Do?

make-bed-way-hotels Credit: Assembly/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Hotels do not generally use any special procedure for making their beds, as do the military or hospitals. Instead, they rely on layering, tucking and pillows to achieve the effect of having a neatly made, fluffy bed.

On its August 2, 2013, show, Good Morning America hosted hotel expert Blanche Garcia to list and show the steps involved in making a hotel bed at home. Garcia explained that hotels use mostly white sheets and layer the bed using first a fitted sheet and then a top sheet as the top cover. More colorful comforters and duvets typically serve as an accent and are folded at the bottom of the bed.

Hotel beds are tightly tucked on all sides and corners and often ironed. Pillow cases are also tucked in on the open end like an envelope. Use firm, fluffy pillows of different sizes that stand proud, as Garcia advises.