How Do You Make a Bed Properly With Pillow Shams?


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A well-made bed makes your whole room look like it belongs in the pages of an interior design magazine. Making a bed properly with pillow shams is not difficult. Choose shams you love and use them instead of pillow cases for a stylish look.

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  1. Choose standard shams

    Pick out two or more standard shams for the pillows that sit against your headboard. Choose one sham per pillow. Standard shams have excess fabric that outlines the shape of the pillow.

  2. Choose European shams

    Select European shams for two more pillows. European shams fit tightly against the pillow with no excess fabric.

  3. Cover pillows with shams

    Cover your pillows with the shams. Shams have an opening on the back for the pillow to slide in. Start with one edge of the pillow, cover it, and then fold the other end of the pillow into the remaining end of the sham. Repeat this process to cover all of your pillows.

  4. Remove lumps and wrinkles

    Work your pillows so that they fit smoothly inside the shams. Slip your hand inside the sham, and stretch each corner and edge of each pillow until it is smooth.

  5. Make the bed

    Make the bed. Rest the pillows with standard shams against the headboard. If you have chosen to cover more than two pillows with standard shams, place the remaining pillows in front of the first two. Lay the pillows covered in European shams against the previous row of pillows. Two throw pillows laid in front of the rest complement the look.

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