How Do You Make a Bed Canopy?


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To make a bed canopy, unscrew an embroidery hoop, thread two long curtain panels onto the hoop and tie two lengths of ribbon onto the hoop. Screw a pot-rack hook into the ceiling, and hang the canopy on it.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    To complete this project, you need a 10-inch embroidery hoop, two 44-inch rod-pocket curtain panels that are at least 96 inches long, 4 feet of 1/2-inch ribbon and a pot-rack hook.

  2. Prepare the embroidery hoop

    To open the embroidery hoop, undo the screw, and remove the inner ring.

  3. Add the curtain panels

    If you are going to sew your own curtains, measure from the floor to ceiling, and add another 1 to 2 feet to the length, depending on where you want the canopy to touch the ground. Slide both of the curtain panels onto the embroidery hoop, and then close the hoop.

  4. Attach the ribbons

    Cut two 24-inch pieces of 1/2-inch ribbon. On the embroidery hoop, double-knot one end of each ribbon between the gaps of the curtain panels. Tie the other ends together in a bow.

  5. Hang the canopy

    Screw a pot-rack hook into the ceiling above the bed, and then hang the ribbon on the hook.

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