How Do You Make a Bed?


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To make a bed, tuck in the bottom sheet, spread out the top sheet, place the comforter on the bed, and add the pillows. A blanket or duvet can be used instead of a comforter.

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  1. Lay out the bottom sheet

    For fitted sheets, place the fabric on the mattress, and tuck the fabric into each corner of the bed. Adjust the sheet around the mattress to make the fabric snug.

  2. Apply the top sheet

    Spread the top sheet in an even manner, and tuck in the fabric corners.

  3. Add the comforter

    Place the comforter on the bed, and adjust the fabric according to personal preference, whether that is tucked in or evenly spaced on each side.

  4. Add the pillows

    Place the pillows on top of the bed, or cover the pillows with the comforter.

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