How Do You Make a Barn Door?

How Do You Make a Barn Door?

Build a barn door by fitting the doors and making your pattern. Next, attach the frame, and place the finish. Finally, set up the track, and install the door.

  1. Make the door

    After getting the proper measurements, cut the pine boards 1/2-inch shorter than the height of the opening. Cut the strapping the width of the surface, as well as your filler strips, pallet boards, face frame and mounting rail. Cinch the pine boards together with clamps. Screw the blocks and strapping in place. With adhesive, set the filler strips to the top of the boards, and secure them with deck screws. Fit the chevrons onto the board, and cut the corners. Apply your pattern with pneumatic nailer.

  2. Build the frame

    Drill pocket holes for the door frame. Next, apply wood glue to the ends of the rails, and connect the frame. Use clamps to temporarily secure it, and add screws into the stiles of the pocket holes. Set the frame over the door, and tack it down.Sand the door, and use a rag to rub finish on the wood.

  3. Install the door

    Secure the rollers into the door. Install the mounting board with deck screws. Mount the track and roll on the door.