How Do You Make Balloon Curtains?


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To make balloon curtains, first measure the dimensions of the window. Get a panel of sheer fabric of the desired color, and then use a tape measure and pencil to make marks 18 inches apart. Sew rings into the fabric at the marks. Balloon shapes should form between each ring if stitched properly. Thread a lift cord into the rings and secure by tying knots at the top and bottom of each ring.

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Launder the sheer fabric before taking any further steps. When measuring, marking or sewing the sheer fabric, keep it spread flush and flat on an even surface to avoid bunching and measuring inaccuracies. Do not mark the fabric or sew rings into it within 20 inches of the curtain rod pocket.

Use the least amount of thread and stitches possible when sewing in the rings to avoid unattractive bumps. Measure the length between each ring and pre-cut the lift cord to these measurements, adding a couple inches for knots. Cut additional 4- to 6-inch segments of lift cord to thread the bottom three to six rings of each row. After hanging from the curtain rod, adjust and tighten the lift cord to perfect the balloon shapes of the curtain panel.

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