How Do You Make a Balance Beam for Kids?


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Make a balance beam for kids by attaching 2x4s together and adding blocks of wood at the ends. Get creative with the balance beam cover by using outdoor canvas fabric in your choice of colors.

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How Do You Make a Balance Beam for Kids?
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  1. Gather your supplies

    Visit a home improvement store, and pick up two eight-foot 2x4s, wood screws, drill, staple gun, staples, expansion foam, outdoor canvas fabric, hammer and nails. Purchase four smaller pieces of 2x4s for the feet of the beam.

  2. Nail the 2x4s together

    Using the hammer, nail together the longer 2x4s and the shorter ones, so that you have three pieces total.

  3. Apply the expansion foam and fabric

    Staple the expansion foam to the top of the longer 2x4s that you just nailed together. Wrap the fabric around the beam, just as you would wrap a gift. Try to make the fabric fit around the 2x4s as tight as possible.

  4. Attach the legs

    Use a drill to insert the wood screws into the beam and the feet. Make sure that you drill from the bottom of the feet and not from the top. In doing so, the screws don't stick out and the kids have a smooth surface on which to walk across the beam.

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