How Do You Make Baby Shower Favors?

How Do You Make Baby Shower Favors?

Make old-time candy-cup baby shower favors by filling baking cups with old-fashioned candy, wrapping them with cellophane and tying them with ribbon. You need baking cups, old-fashioned candy, cellophane, scissors, ribbon and tags.

  1. Purchase the baking cups

    Find baking cups made with stiff paper or material that is roughly the size of a cupcake. Baking cups made to hold single servings of brioche are a good choice.

  2. Fill the cups with candy

    Find some old-fashioned hard candy that comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Place several pieces in a single baking cup so the baking cup is full but not overflowing. Fill multiple cups.

  3. Wrap the baking cups

    Purchase a roll of cellophane or individual cellophane bags large enough to hold the baking cups. Cut the roll of cellophane into squares. Place a baking cup in the middle of a cellophane square, and draw the corners of the cellophane up and over the baking cup.

  4. Prepare the ribbon

    Hole punch the top of a printed paper tag. Thread it onto a colorful ribbon.

  5. Add the ribbon

    Wrap the ribbon around the cellophane just above the baking cup. There should be a bushy, decorative tail of cellophane just above the ribbon. Tie the ribbon into a knot. Repeat for the rest of the cups.