How Do You Make an Awning Out of Vinyl Fabric?


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To make an awning out of vinyl fabric, decide how large the awning needs to be, build its frame out of 1-inch by 6-inch wooden boards. Cut out the vinyl fabric a little larger than the frame, and nail it to the wooden boards with roofing nails. Install the awning into its final location. To attach the awning to a wall, drill holes in the wall, and secure the awning with brackets and screws.

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To build a frame, first create two squares of the same size, and connect them by one side. Build two right triangles of the same size, and attach them to the ends of the squares to make a three-dimensional right triangle frame. Connect one board perpendicular to the middle spine of the frame. Place elbow joints in all angles of the frame to make it stronger. Attach three brackets to the inside of the frame, you are going to use them to attach the awning to the wall.

If your awning is fairly large, use more support beams and mounting brackets to hold it in place to make sure that it doesn't fall down.

Paint the wooden frame of the awning if desired. You are going to be able to see it only from underneath the awning. Nail the fabric to the underside of the awning to hide any flaws.

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