How Do You Make Anti-Fog Solution?

make-anti-fog-solution Credit: Vladimir Godnik/Getty Images

Create a fresh, scented anti-fog solution at home with vinegar, water, dishwashing soap, lemon juice, a towel, a spray bottle and newspaper. This process should take no longer than one hour depending on the size of the surface you are planning to de-fog.

  1. Create a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar with a few drops of dish soap

    Use a spray bottle, and fill it with one part warm water to one part vinegar. Add a few drops of dish washing soap, and mix together. You can also add several drops of lemon juice to the mixture to create a fresh scent, if desired.

  2. Spray onto the surface, and wipe with a cloth

    Spray the anti-fog solution directly onto your chosen surface, and use a cloth to wipe the mirror, window or glass surface in circular motions to avoid streaking.

  3. Use newspaper to wipe remaining solution off of the surface

    If you are using the solution on a large surface, use a balled-up newspaper as a second cloth to wipe off any remaining solution and further avoid streaking. The solution should last for anywhere from three days to four weeks depending on the surface area and the purpose of the anti-fog.