How Do You Make Accurate Mitre Cuts for Baseboards?


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For accurate miter cuts, clamp your work piece against the guide fence, ensure precise angular alignment of your miter saw, and make a slow, controlled cut through the work piece. Clamping the work piece is particularly important when cutting small pieces, as there is a tendency for the work piece to move during cutting, resulting in inaccurate mitres and bevels.

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Manufacturers of miter saws include instructions on how to align the saws for perfect miter cuts. Miter saws typically have an angle gauge built in. Lock the saw in the correct position prior to beginning a cut.

Circular saws also make accurate miter saw cuts, but it is significantly more difficult. The use of a straightedge or guide fence is imperative. There can be difficulty starting a bevel or miter cut with a circular saw, since the blade guard has a tendency to stick, and you may need to manually retract the guard at the beginning of the cut. Toward the end of the cut, the work piece may begin to move, which decreases the accuracy of the miter. It is important to maintain firm pressure against the guide fence, and follow through the end of the cut in a straight line.

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