Do Any Major Stores Sell Vintage 1950s Stoves?


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Vintage stoves from the 1950s are generally not sold in major retail stores. Some smaller boutique-style appliance stores sell vintage or retro style stoves from the 1950s. There are many stores online that sell vintage 1950s stoves as well.

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Major retail stores that sell appliances typically carry modern and new products as opposed to vintage or retro models. Speciality stores such as the Vintage Home Improvement Boutique in Anaheim, California, concentrate on providing stoves, refrigerators and other appliances and furnishings from the 1950s. Online stores present the most options when it comes to purchasing vintage stoves. Sites such as eBay, elmirastoveworks, and antiqueappliances, sell various vintage styles, sizes and colors of stoves from the 1950s as well as other time periods.

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