What Are Some Major Furniture Stores in Australia?

What Are Some Major Furniture Stores in Australia?

Among the top brick-and-mortar furniture shops in Australia are Fenton & Fenton, Huset, Top3 by design, Meizai and Moss Melbourne. For shopping on the Web, Australia-based online furniture retailers include The Block Shop, DealsDirect, GraysOnline and Icon By Design.

Fenton & Fenton offers a collection of housewares and furniture in unique and eclectic designs. Its store features antique, reproduction and recycled timber furniture pieces that are sourced from abroad or are made locally. Huset exclusively sells furniture that is designed and made in Europe.

Sydney-based Top3 by design has five outlets, as of September 2015, and the stores offer a wide collection of furniture including living room, dining, kitchen and outdoor pieces. When it comes to designs, Meizai has one of the broadest collections of furniture, which include contemporary, modern, classic, provincial, sustainable and architectural restoration styles.

Apart from the usual furniture pieces, such as tables, chairs and sofas, Moss Melbourne also sells fine bone china and glassware. The store offers interior design service and bridal registry.

As an alternative furniture source, shoppers can look for Australia's Furniture House Group members. The group is an association of around 40 independent furniture stores across the country, as of 2015, which aims to bring together local independent stores together for cooperative buying, advertising and marketing while still maintaining their individuality. The association has member stores in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.