What Are Some Major Features of Navien Water Heaters?


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The main feature of Navien water heaters is that they are tankless. This type of water heater provides an unlimited supply of hot water the moment the hot water tap is turned on.

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Navien water heaters utilize standard 1/2-inch gas lines, so the homeowner does not need to install a separate gas line. Similarly, Navien's 2-inch venting options allow the flue to work with the existing vent. Both of these features mean that the homeowner can replace a standard tank water heater with Navien's tankless alternative. All of the water heaters have a recirculation pump that reduces heating time and a buffer tank that eliminates the cold water sandwich found on other tankless heaters. A cold water sandwich occurs when warm water is followed by a quick blast of cold water and then the water temperature returns to warm.

Navien's water heaters feature primary condensing stainless steel heat exchangers, resulting in low exhaust temperatures and corrosion-resistant properties. Because of these low temperatures, a homeowner or contractor can use PVC schedule 40 to vent the Navien unit, resulting in significant installation cost savings. Usually only one person is needed for installation because of Navien's wall mounting and bracket system. Tankless water heaters are ideal for saving water and lowering energy costs.

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